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Why 4G is still a dream in India

Why 4G is still a dream in India Rajeev Shenoy, a Bangalore-based techie (not his real name), splurged nearly Rs46K on his sleek iPhone 5 to experience 4G on-the-go. But his thrill turned to bitterness when he found out his … Continue reading

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Lenovo’s convertible Tabs are here

Lenovo’s convertible Tabs are here

More flexible than a Yoga instructor- this is what Lenovo tells people about its new product which was launched yesterday- the new IdeaPad Yoga ! This convertible tab uses the latest version of Microsoft’s famous OS, the Windows 8.

Three new models, named the IdeaPad Yoga 13, Yoga 11, IdeaTab Lynx, ThinkPad Twist, which run using Windows 8 computers, have been launched for both commercial and consumer purposes.

The Yoga, which was first previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show last year, looks like a regular laptop, until you start pushing the screen back. According to ABC News, the hinge moves 360 degrees, allowing you to rotate the screen all the way over the back of the keyboard to make it a tablet !

The Yoga, which will come in two flavors-the Yoga 13 and Yoga 11- boasts of the Intel processors (Core i3 or i5), a 13.3-inch display, and Windows 8 Pro. The starting price is 1,099 dollars, the report said.

Another tablet, the ThinkPad Twist is a modern take on the old tablet PC with a new operating system. According to the report, Lenovo announced the Windows 8 Thinkpad Tablet 2 a few weeks ago and is now announcing a similar tablet with a dockable keyboard called the Lynx.

The Lynx is a tablet with an 11.6-inch screen, available with a keyboard that connects to it.

The world will now ‘exercise’ with The Yoga !!

Now Share Files in Facebook Groups in Dropbox

Now Share Files in Facebook Groups in Dropbox

Dropbox announced on Wednesday that it is tweaking out a new feature that will enable users to share their files from Dropbox inside Facebook Groups, adding a new possibility of seamlessly integrating file sharing with friends and family on the world’s largest social network.

You might be wondering how is this going to work. It’s simple, just like other regular posts on Facebook Groups, users can comment on or like the files that have been shared to the group. And just like sharing a file through Dropbox’s other methods, the most recent version of the file will always be available to everybody else in the group, automatically.

You can enable this feature by linking your Facebook and Dropbox accounts together; this gives you the new possibility to share documents, photos, and videos directly from Dropbox to your Facebook Groups. Shared files will appear on the group’s wall, and will also be viewable from a smartphone or tablet.

This feature is going live starting today. You can find more information on how to set up and use the feature on Dropbox’s support feature or Just go to Dropbox’s official blog.

How Does a Touch Screen Phone Work?

How Does a Touch Screen Phone Work?

There are three types of touch screen technologies available in today’s touch screen phones: resistive, capacitive, and infra-red. Learn about the different benefits and capabilities of each and make a more informed decision about your next mobile phone selection with this helpful chart.