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V.V.Vinayak’s Naayak (2013) Movie Review

V.V.Vinayak’s Naayak (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Aggarwal, Amala Paul, Dev Gill, Brahmanandam, Jaya Prakash Reddy, M. S. Narayana, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rahul Dev, Raghu Babu, Pradeep Rawat and Charmee
Director: V.V. Vinayak
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: Chota K. Naidu
Genre: Action| Comedy| Drama
Censor Certificate: ‘A’
Runtime: 160 minutes
Watching at Prasads, Hyderabad.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan who is on full swing with the super success of Racha at box office is coming back again with Nayak for this Sankranthi. The movie is touted to be a full length mass comedy action entertainer. The movie offers nail biting action episodes and lot of entertainment. Kajal and Amala Paul are paired opposite Ram Charan. Nayak title itself makes it clear that this film has strong commercial grace. Let’s check out the review for more details…


Cherry (Ram Charan) a software engineer at CGtrix, Hyderabad. He has a bachelor uncle Jilebi (Brahmanandam), who suddenly runs into danger at that time Cherry plans to save Jilebi from Gandipeta Babji (Rahul Dev). Enroute Cherry falls in love with Gandipeta Babji’s sister Madhu (Kajal). Mean while a series of high profile killings takes place in Kolkata and Hyderabad. Minister Rawat (Pradeep Rawat) is targeted. This time Ashish Vidhyardhi comes into picture. Whats the connection between the killings and Cherry? What makes a Hyderabadi go to Calcutta ? Will Charan marry Madhu? Who is Amala? forms the rest of the story-line…


The real standout performance is by Ramcharan, who carries the film on his shoulders. His over-the-top character, with stylish costumes and rough cut look is charming. Amala Paul has nothing much to do, is easy on the eye, and provides the oomph factor. Kajal Aggarwal has gelled well with Charan and showcases her talents in dancing. JP & Bhramanandam comedy timing is good. JP-Posani- MS Narayana – Bhrami scenes are uproarious. Charmi in special song made everyone glued to silver screen. The supporting cast is adequate.


There is nothing striking about the storyline here and the sequences often happen in a highly predictable and conventional way. But from the titles onwards the makers are clear that you don’t need to use your minds much to enjoy this one. Well, once you are ready with that mindset, it turns out to be an enjoyable experience.

Thaman’s music is peppy and adds to the mood of the film. The opening songs Laila O Laila, Oka Chupuke Padipoya & Hey Naayak are hummable. Cinematographer Chota K. Naidu did a slap-up job; especially his song picturisation and top angle shot which makes action and song sequences look vivacious. The witty liners by Akula Siva are good . Gautham Raju’s editing and art work makes the film technically sound.

Scenes I Liked:

  • Cherry Intro n first song
  • JP scenes after Commissioner Murder
  • Bhrami dancing to Enduko Emo
  • Naayak first two fight sequences  at Kolkata
  • MS Narayana character intro
  • JP scenes after reaching Kolkata

Survi Verdict:

Vinayak’s Naayak is a mass entertainer with all the ingredients mixed in the good proposition. No doubt that the director understands the pulse of the common man and has beautifully packaged it with all the essential commercial elements to suit the taste of the masses.  On the whole, Its Mass Ramcharan coupled with hilarious comedy episodes that makes Naayak watchable, despite its obvious flaws. A delightful one-time watch for this Sankranthi season…

Survi Review: 3/5


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